Globe Control Valves

GLS Series

Used in most continuous process industries, the GLS series control valve is recognised for its excellent sealing capacity, actuating thrust, positioning precision and simple maintenance.

The design with self-centring seat, double upper guide system and spring-cylinder actuators assures high performance and reliability benefits that add to the various options of special trims and bodies.


GLH Series

The GLH valve is the GLS valve version for high pressure applications, and it has incorporated the main technical characterisics of the GLS such as, high performance, easy maintenance and versatility have beenadopted.

In addition, its oversized components sturdiness, as for example, the plug stem, and the use of special packings to prevent fugitive emissions (supplied as standard items), contribute to reliable operation of these valves in extremely critical industrial applications.


GXL Series

Recommended for use in utilities and general services in continuous process industries, the GXL model globe valve has compact sizes and reduced weights, which makes for easy installation and maintenance.

The project follows the same basic design as the renowned GLS control valve, while the rationalized range of options and the high production scale result in a robust and effective finished product, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio for applications in ANSI 150 and 300 pressure classes.


GLA Series

The GLA valve has been designed in order to provide a greater flow rate capacity per size, when compared to a conventional globe-style valve.

Due to its configuration with an almost straight passage area, this version creates less turbulence through the valve and downstream piping.

Except for the body, plug and seat retainer, GLA valve components are interchangeable with those of GLS and GLH valves.


GLB Series

Made of rolled bars or forged material, the GLB valve can be quickly machined in order to meet special lead-time requirements, either in cases of high pressure applications or in cases where special or exotic alloys are necessary.

The GLB valve has several body configurations and has a high level of interchangeability with GLS and GLH valves, being available in pressure classes up to ANSI 4500.


GLC Series

The GLC valve is used in cryogenic applications up to -423°F (-253°C) inside the cold box and is specially recommended in cases where a simplified maintenance of the valve is required, and which can be performed from outside the cold box.

In order to minimize heat transfer inside the cold box, the GLC valve has a lighweight extended bonnet welded to the body, designed to keep a portion of vaporized fluid between the packing box and the liquid at cryogenic temperature.


GLE Series

Designed for use in the most severe applications, wheter erosive, orrosive or in flashing condition duties, the GLE control valve is widely used in mining and metal refining industries, presenting innovative technical characteristics that make it a true reference in erosive applications, such as: angle body with smooth curve, which reduces turbulence when flow direction changes, large gallery in order to reduce flow velocity in the areas which are most attacked by fluid, absence of seat retainer, packing with scraper rings and wear-resistant trim, among others.